Print on demand for Charity cards

We have developed and delivered a print on demand solution for several charities in which they are promoting online ethical gifting, making the gifting experience a lot more personal for the donor and recipient.

How it works

By linking with client's websites we build a card giving microsite, which by following the online gifting process offers the donor the experience of selecting their favourite style of card and the ability to personalise it with names and a message to the recipient.

Once completed a trigger is then sent to our production department in which the cards are printed and mailed at a time to suit the client. The site can be integrated with online payment facilities, PayPal and Pay point, for example, so that funds are immediately available to the charity once payment is made. Should an order result in payment pending an email is triggered to the client to resolve and once the order is completed an email is automatically sent to the donor as confirmation.

Clients have access to a dashboard in which they can view orders, status of production and access new donor details. There is also a set up area where new card designs can be uploaded and amended.

The benefits

  • No pre-printing is required, just a standard stock of envelopes which are also personalised.
  • It can be a useful source of ongoing donor acquisition, once a donation has been made a charity can then develop a relationship with the donor to promote regular giving.
  • Card templates can be easily updated allowing the charity to change these to suit different appeals or an ongoing initiative.
  • Data can be quickly fed back to the charity's database so there isn't a time delay in communicating to new donors, who can be quickly thanked.

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